If you’re reading this because you know me, then thank you for caring.

If you don’t know me, I hope you find my ramblings interesting.

If you’re one of the alarmingly (but also touchingly) high number of people who have got in touch to say that you like what I’m writing or how I write it, that you have felt the same or that you’re rooting for me, then I’m so glad I’ve had some positive effect on you and really grateful that you’ve taken the time to tell me so.

If you’re a publisher and want to turn my blog into an epic bestseller, please get in touch.


1 thought on “you”

  1. Hi, my godfather Jon North shared a link to this post on his Facebook page and as someone struggling with depression I clicked through to see if there was anything which might help.

    I’ve only had a quick read through your posts, but they really strike a chord. Your honesty and ability to put all this down on paper is amazing, and I for one am very grateful to you for doing it.

    I’m in a job which requires me to reflect a lot – on what other people do, say, don’t do – and then do something useful as a result (write a report, create an effective workshop, produce a blog or analysis piece which offers insight to others), but I’m rubbish at reflecting on my own life and turning this into anything other than frustration and self loathing.

    Reading your blog reminds me I’m not alone and that its okay to sometimes feel that life to sucks and to feel down, and it’s okay to want to be better and not taking antidepressants every day, and that I’m not the only one who scratches themselves to make it all stop, and that maybe I can cope with all this, and maybe I can find the words to help my fiancé understand why I am how I am.

    Thank you. I wish you well in your own quest to be better.

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